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5 Ways to Stop Overeating for Good

1. Portion out your food and stick to it

Whether you are eating a meal or a snack, carefully choose a proper portion size (if it's from a box read the label) instead of eating from a bag, box, or large bowl. This will help you stick to a guideline of what your body needs and gives you structure in the form of a personal plate or bowl. If you are out to eat (or at home) and sharing food, make sure to not turn down those personal dinner plates. This can be the difference between feeling satisfied and healthy, and uncomfortable and guilty.

2. Turn off all distractions

When you eat you should focus on your food and your food only (with the excepting of eating with friends/family/a partner). This means turn off the TV and put down the smart phone or computer. Getting rid of these distractions also gets rid of "mindless" eating (not fully realizing how much food you're consuming). According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, mindless eating can actually lead to weight gain and you are more likely to eat again sooner.

3. Eat slow and enjoy every bite

Sit back, relax and enjoy your food. Think about the flavors that you're tasting, the texture (is it crunchy or chewy) and enjoy the actual process of eating. If you made the meal/snack, take time to thank yourself and give a little pat on the back for putting in all that hard work and love. Make sure to chew your food slowly and try putting down your fork/spoon/food in between bites.

4. Drink water with your meal

Sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger, so make sure you are hydrated before pursuing the refrigerator or pantry. If you know you're hungry and need to nourish your body, make sure you have a glass of water with whatever you are eating. Water will help to metabolize the nutrients as well as fill your stomach, preventing you from eating too much.

5. Wait 30 min before getting seconds

It takes 20-30 minutes for your stomach to send a signal to your brain that you're full. Many people feel slightly hungry just 15 minutes after eating and they immediately go for seconds. This will not only make you feel too full and uncomfortable, but you're likely to over consume calories and nutrients your body doesn't need.

5 Tricks to Stop Overeating for Good
By EatLaughDrink

Leo Dicaprio and Rihanna, More Than Friends?

The biggest celebrity hookup during the last few days is Rihanna and Leo Dicaprio. Dish Nation was one of the first to report that RiRi had her sights set on Leo then reports started to circulate that they hooked up at the Playboy Mansion of all places. Leo’s friends deny that he is dating her, which does not mean nothing is going on between them.  Being friends with benefits does not have to mean “dating”.

While many people can’t see them together, I sure do. First of all these two  are both great at the hit it and quit it game. It could just be a few rounds of friends with benefits, but please let there be more. They would sure be an intriguing couple if nothing else. It would also be a nice change for both of them. RiRi finally dating someone who wasn’t a rapper/singer and Leo getting away from the models. Yes, he dates gorgeous women, but some of them look so bored and blank. Not all models have a fabulous personality like Chrissy Teigen, which is too darn bad.

My crystal ball is not giving me much information on these two. That tends to happen at the beginning of things and people are not sure what they want. Looking at both of their dating histories tells you that neither one of them seem to know what they want in a long term relationship. I hope that they give it a go as a real couple even if it is for six month. It would be great to see Leo down with the brown and RiRi going to red carpet events with some clothes on. Let’s keep watching these two.

Leo Dicaprio and Rihanna, Are They More Than Friends
By YolandaShoshana

The Celebrity Baby Bump Obsession

Even though I don’t want to come across as a curmudgeon (but let’s face it, I kind of AM a curmudgeon), I still believe that every human being has the God-given right to complain, bitch and vent about stuff.

I just happen to do it more than others.

So, in a blog segment I’m calling #ROTD — a hashtag I just made up for ‘Rant of the Day,’ I’m going to tell you what currently grinds my gears.  Gets my goat.  Chaps my ass.  (HAHA, okay okay, sorry…I’ll stop).

Basically, Imma tell you what’s been pissing me off.

First, let me start by saying I HATE the term “baby bump.”  Hate it.  I’ve had 8437526 girlfriends who have been pregnant in the last few years, and have *never* used this term with them or about them.  I think it’s stupid, overused and just annoying.  There, I said, it.  Sorry not sorry.

That said, there’s an obsession when it comes to celebrities and their growing fetuses that is just completely out of control.  Go on any celebrity website right now and you’re guaranteed to see a woman either accused of being pregnant when they very well may not be (I see you Bey), someone who is probably pregnant but hasn’t actually confirmed it yet (my boyfriend Justin Timberlake’s wife, Jessica Biel) or a woman who IS in fact openly pregnant and we’re just stalking her every move and bodily change (Kate Middleton).   How fun for them!

And guess what?  I love celebrities — but I DON’T. CARE. ABOUT. THIS.  Not even a little.  Guess what?  When you have a human person growing inside you, your stomach gets bigger.

And I just don’t find it that interesting.

The reason I’m writing about this today is because any time I’ve perused the internet this week, I was immediately inundated with THIS:

Good Lord.  Make it stop.

This leads me to my next point.  It’s not even just the obsession with ‘the bumps’ themselves; it’s the matter in which they are referred.  I remember seeing this photo/headline of Blake Lively (hottest pregnant woman alive) a few months ago, and it enraged me.

Sigh.  Okay.  News outlets:  STOP referring to a woman’s pregnant belly as a completely separate entity from the rest of her body.  Oh, Blake “TOOK” her baby bump shopping?  It’s not her pet chihuahua; stop acting like she had the option to leave it at home.

Look, I know the ‘bump obsession’ and ‘Bump Watch’ articles aren’t going anywhere.  SOMEONE out there is reading this crap and cares about a famous woman and her stomach that might have a baby in it (or might have a Chipotle burrito in it).

But, that someone ain’t me.

Rant of the Day: The Celebrity Baby Bump Obsession
By allison.arnone

Jumat, 20 Maret 2015

First Mercury Retrograde Of 2015

Heads Up -1st Mercury Retrograde Of 2015! By astrosandy

Prepare, prepare, prepare! It won’t happen until next week so it may seem a little early to be on the alert for potential Mercury Retrograde messes, but since it is the first one of 2015 (there are 3 per year), being prepared won’t hurt. Mercury will stop forward motion and go backwards in the sky on January 21, 2015 in the unpredictable, revolutionary, group oriented, Air sign of Aquarius. The areas of life affected are the usual Mercury influenced things – speaking / writing, travel, transportation, education, manual dexterity, small electrical gadgets, etc. With Aquarius, ruled by erratic, eccentric Uranus, in the mix, communication and technical snafus are even more prone to happen. As always, back up, double check, confirm. We can try to avoid disasters and mayhem with diligence and care until the winged planet goes Direct again on February 11, 2015.

Organization is key. Copy your files now, locate the battery chargers (make sure they still work for the gadgets your have), set aside extra ink for the printer, check the batteries on the pacemaker, make sure the bills are paid, etc. Don’t create problems because of carelessness.

As always, Mercury Retrograde is a good time to make future plans, complete projects and of course to exercise all those “re” actions:  re evaluate, re write, re assess, re acquaint, re fresh.  Take the time to pause and reflect, rather than jump into new schemes, new contracts, etc.

However, life happens regardless of where planets are and we will get through to the other side, again.

You Walking on Sunshine

Are You Walking on Sunshine? By Michele liferedesign

We have all made New year’s resolutions that vanish before the new moon.  This blog isn’t about making resolutions, it is about changing your life.  Do you want to lose weight, eat better, give up smoking or get ready for a 5K?  Maybe you want to be nicer, or more patient with your kids.  Maybe you have promised yourself that this is the year you will finally declutter  (Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chic calls is “decrapifying!!!”)  and get organized.  Whatever it is, you can do it.  In order to achieve your goals, you need to keep your vision close to you so that you can keep your eyes on the prize.

Do you have a signature song? It isn’t just music you like, but music that speaks to you and makes you think.  It reminds you of your goals or dreams.   I was reminded of this concept this morning while watching the Rose Bowl parade.  The Oregon marching band played the song Walking on Sunshine, a  popular song  by Katrina and the Waves in the 1980’s. The song is the epitome of optimism.  Really, how could you lose when being fueled by such an upbeat song?  Don’t it feel good- yeah!  No wonder Oregon handily beat Florida State.  If you want to feel better- take a listen.

Last summer I had a lot of changes in my life.  I was leaving my job, selling my house, moving and starting over in Madison.  The two arguable hottest songs of the summer kept playing, and I felt they were  personal anthems for me. Let it Go, by Idina Menzel is an anthem to owning your power- something I needed to hear as I left one job  for the unknown of  starting my own business.  The other was Happy by Pharrell Williams. I was feeling happy and the song reminded me of it regularly.  I believe happiness is a choice, and I was regularly clapping along with Pharrell.

Just in time for the new year, my cousin Cindy sent a link to a song I hadn’t heard before.  One listen and it is my signature song for 2015.  The Song is I Lived by One Republic. They also sang Good Life a couple of years ago, another good anthem song.

A signature song helps remind us of who or what we want to be. It is a pleasurable and easy way to keep motivated  three minutes  at a time. Do you have a signature song?  Does it change from year to year?  What have been your signature songs through the years?  I’d love to hear about it.

Caitlin Stower

By The Women Who Write:

Caitlin Stower is a 20-year-old writer who loves celebrity culture and is already published online thanks to her position as assistant to the Editor-in-Chief at Mamamia
You’re working for one of the loudest voices for women in the Australian media today, how does that feel and how did you score the gig?
It feels amazing. I am only 20, but working at Mamamia has been my dream job for the last two years. I scored an internship with the company in June, so I travelled down from Brisbane for two weeks. After I went home, the job came up and I jumped at it. It’s exactly where I want to be and what I want to be doing.
Who are your muses? Who inspires you to write?

I’m lucky enough to work with some of the most talented women in the industry. I am inspired by the writing style of Mamamia publisher Mia Freedman and of contributors like Rebecca Sparrow and Zoe Foster-Blake.

What is your idea of a perfect Sunday?

My perfect Sunday would consist of brunch with my boyfriend, followed by a big family lunch at my parents’ house in Brisbane before finishing the day with a movie on the couch before bed.

First Full Moon of 2015

1rst Full Moon of 2015! By astrosandy

The first Full Moon of the year occurs on Sunday, January 04, 2015 in the nurturing, sensitive, home focused Water sign of Cancer. As a “New” Moon is best for beginning projects- starting something new, implementation of ideas – the “Full” phase (Moon opposes the Sun in the sky, as it  “wanes” on its way to the 3rd and 4th quarters) is optimum for the finalization of projects, clearing up messes, etc.  Finishing touches are best done during the last 2 weeks of Moon quarters. The cycle begins again at the next New Moon phase – January 20.

When Cancer is involved, completing old business may have something to do with  where you live - cleaning out the old, giving space to the new. Gather and give away anything no longer useful or positive in your space; whether it be things, feelings or conversations. It’s a good time to tie up any loose ends of DIY projects that just keep hanging on.

How To Moon Walking

As much like Michael Jackson as is possible for regular people. By MirandaLitt

One of MJ's most exciting creations in dance - the Moonwalk ~that backwards floaty slide that is just riveting to watch him do is alot of fun to try yourself.

Disclaimer: You will very probably not look like him in 'Thriller' even when you master this.  Michael was just magic.

Start standing feet together without shoes and on carpet to start out.  Now, make a 'high heel' with your Left Foot, ball of foot taking your weight, while sliding Right Foot back.

As you raise Right Foot to the High heel position, you're Sliding your Left Foot back.  That's really all there is to it, but it might take a little time of course. 

The 'high heel' thing is what your back foot does when you're walking fowards. 

To be honest, I never saw these directions written anywhere, and it may be helpful to put an MJ video on while you learn. 

The great part is, when you start, even a little bit, to get it you will know it, and it's a Gas!

The next step after the carpet practice is you in socks on a smooth floor.  That's when you can do more than two steps.  Look behind you before you backwards slide kids, and keep going! (If you feel balanced, of course.)  It's like slow motion, backwards ice skating,

So, one more muscular slant to get you on your way to 'the move' is The High Heel Foot is actually pushing The Slidy Foot back along the floor which all the way back becomes the High Heeled Foot..

So, if I can do it, and I'm 59, short and white, you can probably do it too. And when you do Moon Walk, it will be Thriller diller.