How To Moon Walking

As much like Michael Jackson as is possible for regular people. By MirandaLitt

One of MJ's most exciting creations in dance - the Moonwalk ~that backwards floaty slide that is just riveting to watch him do is alot of fun to try yourself.

Disclaimer: You will very probably not look like him in 'Thriller' even when you master this.  Michael was just magic.

Start standing feet together without shoes and on carpet to start out.  Now, make a 'high heel' with your Left Foot, ball of foot taking your weight, while sliding Right Foot back.

As you raise Right Foot to the High heel position, you're Sliding your Left Foot back.  That's really all there is to it, but it might take a little time of course. 

The 'high heel' thing is what your back foot does when you're walking fowards. 

To be honest, I never saw these directions written anywhere, and it may be helpful to put an MJ video on while you learn. 

The great part is, when you start, even a little bit, to get it you will know it, and it's a Gas!

The next step after the carpet practice is you in socks on a smooth floor.  That's when you can do more than two steps.  Look behind you before you backwards slide kids, and keep going! (If you feel balanced, of course.)  It's like slow motion, backwards ice skating,

So, one more muscular slant to get you on your way to 'the move' is The High Heel Foot is actually pushing The Slidy Foot back along the floor which all the way back becomes the High Heeled Foot..

So, if I can do it, and I'm 59, short and white, you can probably do it too. And when you do Moon Walk, it will be Thriller diller.

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