Leo Dicaprio and Rihanna, More Than Friends?

The biggest celebrity hookup during the last few days is Rihanna and Leo Dicaprio. Dish Nation was one of the first to report that RiRi had her sights set on Leo then reports started to circulate that they hooked up at the Playboy Mansion of all places. Leo’s friends deny that he is dating her, which does not mean nothing is going on between them.  Being friends with benefits does not have to mean “dating”.

While many people can’t see them together, I sure do. First of all these two  are both great at the hit it and quit it game. It could just be a few rounds of friends with benefits, but please let there be more. They would sure be an intriguing couple if nothing else. It would also be a nice change for both of them. RiRi finally dating someone who wasn’t a rapper/singer and Leo getting away from the models. Yes, he dates gorgeous women, but some of them look so bored and blank. Not all models have a fabulous personality like Chrissy Teigen, which is too darn bad.

My crystal ball is not giving me much information on these two. That tends to happen at the beginning of things and people are not sure what they want. Looking at both of their dating histories tells you that neither one of them seem to know what they want in a long term relationship. I hope that they give it a go as a real couple even if it is for six month. It would be great to see Leo down with the brown and RiRi going to red carpet events with some clothes on. Let’s keep watching these two.

Leo Dicaprio and Rihanna, Are They More Than Friends
By YolandaShoshana

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